Music and Films and stuff page:

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Here's a quick list of some films either me or my friends like, I wouldn't like to vouch for any of my friends ones though.

Blade Runner, Pulp Fiction, Running Man, Withnail and I

My Friends films: (An amalgamation)

Die Hard, Star Wars, Aliens, Young Guns, Scum (the uncut version), Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Swallows & Amazons

My musical tastes are shared by a lot of my friends and include the following:

Faith No More, Jesus and Mary Chain, Sleeper, Elastica, Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, REM, Suede, Mazzy Star, Velvet Underground, Doors.

And here are some of my favourite songs (in no order):

Faith No More: Real Thing / Epic
R.E.M.: Crush With Eyeliner
Radiohead: Creep
Lou Reed: Perfect Day /* And not because I've
Iggy Pop: Lust for Life Seen Trainspotting */
Elastica: Stutter
Prodigy: Breathe
Velvet Underground: Heroin / Venus in Furs
Jesus and Mary Chain: Never Understand
Rolling Stones: Sympathy with the Devil / Paint it Black
The Clash: White Riot
Blur: There's No Other Way
Spiritualized: Medication
Beck: New Pollution
Charlatans: Weirdo
Primal Scream: Loaded
Happy Mondays: Step On
Enigma: Innocence
Public Enemy and Anthrax: Bring the Noise
Chemical Brothers: Block Rockin' Beats
The Who: My Generation
Doors: Light My Fire / Break On Through

I actually got an e-mail from Maureen 'Moe' Tucker of the Velvet Underground some time ago, because I said I was a fan of the band. Thanks Moe!

Rod likes Oasis, but that's his decision and we won't persecute him for it. Much.

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