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Hmm. Yes, I'm afraid I'll have to admit that I do in fact play M:TG.
AKA Magic: The bankruptcy, Tragic: The Gathering and a few other less pleasant names.

It's known as a collectible card game, ie it costs a fortune to play, and you can swap cards with your friends. Aside from that, it's something to do in the 3 hour gaps I have between lectures, when you can't be bothered to do anything else.

For people who know what it means, we usually play type 1.5 decks, mainly because most of us can't afford proper type 1 decks, and type 2 is a bit crap, to say the least.

And now, because I am very bored, I am going to list out some of my current decks.

One point though: I know these decks could be improved greatly. I also know I don't have much money. I also know I am fond of alcohol, which prohibits my money from being spent on cards. So mail me if you like, just don't tell me how to improve my decks. I get enough of that as it is. Although, incidentally, most of my friends won't play against my Prod Deck anymore.

Deck 1: Blue-Black Prod Deck (Sometimes referred to as a Tim Deck, but I think that sounds dumb, so I call it a Prod Deck.)
Black cards:

Blue Cards:

Artifacts and Gold cards:

And obviously enough land to support this. I usually include two sac-lands of each colour just to make sure. If I had the money, I'd include dual-lands, but I don't.
This deck has a slow start, but by about turn 3 it can usually churn out a prod a turn, with maybe some other stuff in there too.

Next up is a red-blue creature/burn deck. Red cards:

Blue cards: Artifacts: