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This page is now out of date. I finished working for IBM in August of 1998 and am now back in University. Well, after 2 years of college, then 2 years of University, IBM decided that they would give me a job for my placement. How nice of them. This basically means I work for a year here, then go back to University to complete the final year of my degree.
I work in the Year 2000 Project department, which helps companies with the millenium bug. We perform a whole series of things, from testing software to re-engineering software so it all works tickety- boo when the century comes to an end.
If you want to have more details, see this page: IBM's Year 2000 page

After the first six months of my placement, I got sent off to another company, Thorn UK. Due to my alleged skill at databases I was chosen above the other placement students to be contracted out from the Y2K department to help Thorn with any year 2000 problems they might have.
God knows why though.

After a quite pleasant time working there, I was sent back to IBM and recieved an award from them for earning them really excessive amounts of money instead of being a financial drain, like the other students.

Beneath you can see Hursley House, part of the building that I work in. Unfortunately, I don't work in this part of the building, I work in the rather newer D/M block. The whole building is actually rather large, and is built like a rabbit warren. There are tribes of software engineers still wandering through the corridors in the basement.
Hursley House is about 1/10th the size of the Hursley site, and contains a library, meeting rooms and a load of other places I haven't been to. The grounds are huge, and we have five teams of gazelles, specifically bred to eat the grass, and keep it at the correct level to play 5 a side football on. There is also the Clubhouse, which is kind of behind and to the left of the photographer, which has a full- size snooker table, table billiards, darts and a model railway. (Seriously. My manager goes there every Wednesday to play with them.)

What I do at IBM.

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