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Dungeon Keeper! What a game! Brilliant if you ask me.
It's got bits from Sim City, Doom, Syndicate, Utopia and masses of other games all squeezed together between two hard, evil plates. Giving the game a distinctly twisted atmosphere, emphasized by the wav files which are played between levels telling you about the next. Definitely worth listening to. Incidentally, the files are stored in the Dungeon Keeper directory in \sound\atlas or thereabouts.

I have a list of many of the bits in levels, including the Dungeon Specials, secret rooms and bits like that. I'm not going to bother reviewing the game, there are about a hundred sites on the web with people paid to review games, so I'll leave it to them.

Dungeon Keeper levels and their secrets
In case you didn't know, the game was written by Bullfrog.
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