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This uses compass directions, with N at the top, E on the right and so on. Also, this is not a complete list. If you know of any extra bits, please mail me at

Level 1:
Contains nothing of special interest.

Level 2:
SE, behind small gold seam - Unclaimed treasure room

Level 3:
WNW - 2 unclaimed level 2 Skeletons in training room
SW - Heros gate with lots of gold lying around

Level 4:
E, bottom right of upper dungeon - Increase Level
N - Transfer Creature, 3 unclaimed Level 2 Spiders

Level 5:
E, platform in lava - Increase level
Centre, platform in lava - Unclaimed Prison with Level 2 Bile demon and 2 Level 2 Spiders
W, platform in lava, surrounded by doors - Resurrect Creature Level 6:
Centre - Unclaimed Prison with 3 unclaimed level 4 Dark Mistresses
E - Make Safe
W - Increase Level
ESE, in water - Transfer Creature

Level 7:
NE in circle - Gold and Increase Level
E - Gold and Resurrect Creature
SE in circle - Gold and Resurrect Creature
WSW, behind gold - Transfer Creature

Level 8:
ESE behind gold - Transfer Creature and Hellhounds and Demonspawn
NE behind centre door - Locate Hidden World
NE behind other doors - Poison gas or boulders

Level 9:
NW, behind gems - Increase Level
NW, in library - Increase Level
NW, room with magic door and poison gas - I think is an Increase Level
NE, in library - Resurrect Creature
W - Transfer Creature
SW, in library - Resurrect Creature
SE, in library - Make Safe

Level 10:
E, in lava - Scavenger Room
N, in lava around starting section, various unclaimed monsters
W, on land - Increase Level
Centre, in gold circle - Flies E, on land - Increase Level
S, behind enemy - Transfer Creature

Level 11:
W - 2 x Increase Level + Boulder trap

Level 12:
W, in tunnel - Transfer Creature
SE - Increase Level
SW - Resurrect Creature

Level 13:
S, behind gold - Transfer Creature
E, behind gold and loads of traps - Reveal Map
W, behind gold and loads of traps - Increase Level
N, in lava - Unclaimed Dragons

Level 14:
NW - Transfer Creature
SE - Unclaimed Workshop and creatures

Level 15:
SW, in tunnel - Transfer Creature
NE - Bile Demon in Prison
W - Unclaimed Prison with gold in

Level 16:
SW - Transfer Creature
NW, behind door - Multiply Creatures

Level 17:
NW - Make Safe
W - Multiply Creatures
SSW - Locate Hidden World
SE - Increase Level

Level 18:
W - Steal Hero
Centre - Steal Hero
E - Prison with Bile Demon
NNE, in tunnel - Resurrect Creature
NW - Reveal Map

Level 19:
NW, in library - Destroy Walls spell
W - Steal Hero
E - Steal Hero

Level 20:
SE - 2 x Increase Level
E - 2 x Increase Level
W - Resurrect Creature
Centre - Increase Level

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