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The enlightenment of being bouncy

Hello my friends! Welcome to the coolest webpage on the net. If you've ever wondered about bounciness, or just feel a little down or depressed, this is the page for you! Keep reading, and you'll be the cheeriest bouncy ball in all the world.

Sparkly Ball!
Ten steps to being bouncy

1: Think bouncy. For example, imagine you are a bouncy ball, you are invincible to any knock-downs.

2: Keep laughing. Put on your happy hat.

3: Be optimistic. Nothing is a problem, it's always a challenge.

4: Don't care. If something went wrong, it's not your fault.

5: Chill out. Have a few drinks or do some aromatherapy.

6: Stay fresh. Take a shower every day, the earlier the better.

7: Make someones day. Do something spectacular to make someone happy.

8: Don't give up. Keep striving for something, you know you can do it.

9: Wear cool clothes. Forget all the trendy stuff, wear something you feel comfortable in. For example, Doctor Martens boots.

10: Go out. Get yourself out of your hole, and enjoy yourself.